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A Grandpa Taste In Beer, It’s A Good Thing

Hurrah! It’s the first podcast where we’re all vaccinated! To celebrate, we talk with the great Erika Goedrich, owner of Craft Beer Cellar DC which has been serving Washingtonians the finest craft beer in Northeast Washington D.C. 

Before the interview, Brandy, Mike, and Jacob discuss a potential controversy between Flying Dog and Beer Kulture, an organization committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion in the craft beer space. 

Then, Brandy brings us the interview with Erika. Erika shares the story of how she decided to open a beer store, discloses if Mike has a “grandpa taste” in beer or not, and talks about “hype beers” and if they sell. Brandy and Erika also discuss the bestseller beers of the DMV, Erika’s decision to donate to National Guard Troops, and the importance of businesses being involved in their communities.

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