Every beer scene needs generous people willing to teach others and walk them through the beer business. Julie Verratti is this person in the DC Beer community.

Richard, Jordan, and Brandy ventured out to Denizens Brewing the other night to talk with Julie, Chief Brand Officer at Denizens. Julie is incredibly generous with her time and helps people learn how to navigate the beer industry. We shower her with compliments and discuss how the beer community can better support women. Julie also reflects on her time with the Biden administration Small Business Administration and shares how small businesses are faring post-pandemic. 

In other news, happy St. Patricks Day to all who celebrate! We give generous details about many St. Pattys’ events at several breweries and beer-drinking places in DC. We share the best beers we’ve been drinking and look forward to Women’s History Month events like the Meet & Greet: Women in Craft Beverage at Other Half DC

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