Today, we shared a beer with Jesse McNew, co-owner of Cult Classic Brewing which sits just across the Bay Bridge in Stevensville, Maryland. Jessie shares the tale of how he and his brother went from homebrewing as teenagers (don’t tell anyone!) to opening a brewery. Jessie gives us the lowdown on Cult Classic’s wide range of beers that includes more than the popular hazy juice bombs, and also explains how the brewery plays into the Cult Classic theme with intimidating open mics, live music, and cult classic cinema events. 

Before we go, Jake gives exciting updates on which beer bars are reopening in DC! The gang also discusses if “ bottles-to-go” will stick around as the world opens up, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (it’s a DC thing), and all the breweries they’ve visited in the last couple weeks they believe you need to check out. 

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