This is simply a post to say thank you to Daniel Terrones, at the left in the above photo next to his Other Half colleagues Matt Splain (c) and Brian McGlynn (r). On a more complex level, there’s sadness that we’ll have to get to California to visit him. There have been many who have left our brewing world in the District a better place than they found it when heading to their new homes. Now, the humble Daniel Terrones joins these ranks.

From 2020-2023, Terrones was head brewer at Other Half DC, now the largest production brewery in DC. Other Half’s DC location is also their largest production brewery in their multi-brewery operation.

October 2023 is the three year anniversary of Other Half opening for curbside pickup. Before the brewery was built, Terrones was working at 8Bit Brewing Company in Murrietta, California. He is heading back to California, though currently unclear if he’ll continue to make some of the most interesting lagers in the country.

Daniel Terrones and Liz Garibay (Chicago Brewseum)
Daniel Terrones and Liz Garibay (Chicago Brewseum), via Brandy Holder

We reached out to Terrones’ co-workers at Other Half to ask them for some words. Also chiming in are brewers from Atlas Brew Works, Jailbreak Brewing Company, and Sapwood Cellars Brewery.


Matt Monahan, Co-Founder/CEO, Other Half wrote:

Daniel brought to Other Half a level of discipline, enthusiasm and work ethic that has set the bar for the whole company. You don’t encounter people like Daniel very often. As accomplished as he is, you won’t meet a more humble and respectable human who treats everyone around him with respect and decency. He’s cool under pressure yet knows when to ask for help. We are immensely proud of the DC production crew and so much of their success is due to his leadership. Daniel will be sorely missed but I have no doubt he has bigger and better things on his horizon. 

Breeze Galindo, Other Half Brewing Company Lead Brewer – Other Half Brooklyn, Creator – OH Women’s Forum wrote:

During his tenure at Other Half, Daniel has contributed tremendously to the improved quality of our product. His leadership has been appreciated on so many levels including his ability to connect with others so effortlessly as well as his ability to motivate and empower his team. On top of being a great leader, Daniel’s brewing style and technique have not only influenced change at our other OH facilities but the DC beer scene itself through enjoyable, crushable lagers and delicious stouts, sours and IPAs that create quite the buzz. Above all these things, I am proud to have had another Latino join me in a leadership role at OH. Representation is everything and Daniel Terrones has aided in continuing the change we are all wanting to see in our industry. Forever (Ever) proud of Daniel!  

Brian McGlynn, Other Half DC Lead Brewer

“Daniel has been invaluable in developing Other Half DC’s production from both a quality and consistency standpoint since our first day. He has set a high bar for the execution of our New England IPA’s but has also imparted his great depth of knowledge on our lager and West Coast IPA brands.

He has made those around him better brewers and better teammates. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Daniel, I also greatly admire the fact that he’s willing to make sacrifices to one of his deepest passions in producing beer in order to be a great father and husband to his wonderful family. He will certainly be missed.”

Atlas Brew Works brewer Meth Gunasinghe wrote:

Daniel’s been an awesome part of the beer industry here in DC the past couple of years. He’s been consistently cranking out some great beers at Other Half and is super knowledgeable. I’m going to miss hanging out over a beer! 

Jailbreak and Sapwood Cellars brewer Rob Fink wrote:

I first met Daniel in June of 2021, when I was borrowing a few sleeves of can lids from OHDC for a run at Jailbreak. Daniel had a natural, immediate affability, not to mention enough infectious energy for an entire crowd of people! I’m certain we became friends in that initial conversation.

A few months later, we hung out for a bottle share, and discussed our passions, our young families, etc., and from that point forward, I knew this guy was the real deal. Eventually, our families hung out and everyone hit it off.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of working with him, but have seen him as a friend, as a father, as a partner, and I have to say that he’s just a great dude all around. I’ll miss him dearly.

I almost forgot about the beer! Under his direction, OHDC QA/QC considerably improved, and their lager game rivals their IPA prowess, IMO. All of the “Snaps” iterations have been my favorites.

Daniel Terrones and Javier Lopez (Casa Humilde Cerveceria)
Daniel Terrones and Javier Lopez (Casa Humilde Cerveceria), via Brandy Holder

Daniel, so long and thanks for all the lager. The highlights are far too many to mention, but the Belgian Pils and the Czech Dark Lager were some of my favorites. We won’t forget the kindness you showed us and the visitors who came to see you on Okie Street. Etched in my mind is the Smithsonian’s “Last Call: ¡Salud! to American Latinos in Beer over their last Food History Weekend. Having nationally recognized brewers from Chicago and California come to DC and being incredibly proud of our hometown hero making beers that have garnered a world-renowned reputation left a warm feeling in my heart. We wish you well on your next chapter and continued success in whatever you put your mind to.