There have been many changes within the greater DC area in 2022, from the closing of one of the District’s brewing pioneers in 3 Stars to the opening of Eckington’s Lost Generation Brewing. With so much attention focused on the DC beer scene, it is important not to overlook the burgeoning beer scene in Maryland, specifically Prince Georges County. Black Beauty Brewery is the second Black-owned brewery in the County—Liquid Intrusion Brewing Company is the first, and more on them soon. Black Beauty began as a homebrew operation in 2020, and just partnered with Baltimore’s Oliver Brewing Company for contract brewing. Black Beauty now distributes in Maryland and the District of Columbia

Bowie State University alum Sheldon Goins and his wife Brittany began homebrewing during the Covid 19 pandemic. Drastic changes provided them with the time, space, and vision to further their knowledge and set their beer brand in motion. Focusing on “Beverages for The People,” their efforts would ultimately create their flagship, Bloody Orange Saison. Coming in at 6% ABV, the beer is brewed with natural blood orange and sweet orange peels, providing aromatic notes of citrus. Fruity esters, Centennial hops, and spice combine with the light sweetness of caramel malts creating a balance between full flavor and refreshing drinkability.

The multi-award-winning saison is not all you can expect from Black Beauty Brewing. Goins alludes to some exciting releases as early as January 2023 and potential collaborations throughout 2023 as well. Their latest event was a release party with Liquid Intrusion, held at Patuxent Brewing Company and featured support from Black Brew Movement.  

As Michael Stein mentions in his article documenting the timeline of Black Brewing History in the DC area, the “history of Black people within the brewing industry is inherently important.” As the beer industry continues to grow and evolve, so do its patrons. Diversity and inclusivity in beer creates not only better beer for all, but strengthens and empowers our communities and shared experiences. Black Beauty Brewery is proof of this, and we’re excited to see them grow and prosper as they make more “Beverages for The People.” 

For their latest news and events, please visit Black Beauty’s website or follow them on Instagram and Untappd. You can also learn more about Sheldon and Black Beauty Brewery on the latest episode of The DC Beer Show Podcast. ⬇️