Imagine launching your beer at the largest, bestest beer festival on the east coast. That’s what Jared Pulliam, Head Brewer and Owner of Lost Generation is doing.

Imagine there were even more beers at Snallygaster–off menu–and you didn’t know about it. We’ll take these in turn.

Even before the brewery at 327 S St. NE is open to the public, Lost Generation will pour their first two beers on Saturday. Giving the people what they want, both beers are IPAs. An Age of Islands is a 6.6% alcohol by volume hazy, with Nelson and Riwaka hops.

Pic via Jared

The other, being canned today, is There Are Always Hops, a 6.7% American IPA with Strata, Simcoe and Mosaic.


Pic via Jared

Can art is via Ward 5 resident and artist, and DC Beer Week Brewer’s Karakoke judge Trapbob, whose art adorns a wall at metro bar. We interviewed the new brewery on our podcast over the summer.

It’s the second straight Snally for Beerscovery, a platform used by breweries, bars, and beer shops—and by you on Saturday! Why? Because Beerscovery has their own tent and will be popping off-menu and out of market bottles all day long. “We brought some highly sought-after beers. We had brews from ten or so breweries and each half hour opened bottles/cans/kegs from a different brewery or two,” says Beerscovery Co-Founder Ryan Garchinsky, reminiscing about their first Snallygaster last year. “The idea was to create some hype and give people a reason to keep coming back to our tent—we didn’t have the same 2-3 beers all day. We also wanted to help promote breweries using our platform who we couldn’t pour; that’s where the ‘swag table’ idea came from. We reached out to breweries for stickers, coasters, and more; we had a huge variety of stuff for people to take when they came to our tent. Who doesn’t love some cool brewery stickers and swag?”

As it turns out, people do love brewery swag, as well as off-menu beers. “It was cool to see the word get around and by our third or fourth pour, we had lines for each new beer about to get cracked,” notes Ryan. This year Beerscovery is going to slow things down a bit and manage that #linelife by pouring from one or two breweries every hour. They’ll also have a bit more space, which might mean more swag. Details are available via their app and Instagram, but last year I arrived to find an excellent all-Citra triple IPA from Tripping Animals, as well as a Vienna lager and marzen. Expect a good mix of hype styles and at least two lagers.

You can find Beerscovery in use not only at Snallygaster, but also Aslin, Crooked Crab, Dominion Wine and Beer, and Downtown Crown Wine and Beer.

Not going to Snallygaster? Beerscovery will be at Churchkey tonight with some out of market goodies.

We asked Ryan if there were any breweries in particular he was jazzed about. “Any chance I get to drink some Vitamin Sea, I am there. Besides that, I am very excited to try some of the brews we’ll be pouring! We hope to have our list out soon, so stay tuned to Beerscovery for that!”

You heard the man. Stop by Beerscovery and check out—and check in—to what’s new, and congratulate Lost Generation on their launch.