Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. News! 

Jon Cetrano, Mark Burke, and Sam Costner are proud to announce a major shift in the ownership of Streetcar 82 Brewing Co (S82).  After more than three years of successful business partnership together, Jon is excited to announce that he has sold his share of the brewery to Mark Burke. The purchase makes Mark the majority owner of this Hyattsville brewery. With Mark at the helm as majority owner, S82 will continue to operate as usual out of its Hyattsville location.  

As Jon and Mark reflected on their partnership, both say that it has been a wild ride from the start and have truly enjoyed working together. Jon commented, “I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing where S82 goes. The business is in very capable hands with Mark and Mark has been consistently working on improving his craft. Mark’s dedication to brewing consistently solid beers is a testament to the future growth of Streetcar.” 

Mark replied that, “Even though Jon is departing the day-to-day aspects of the business, he’ll still be around as a supporter and enthusiastic brand ambassador – once a founder, always a founder. I look forward to seeing Jon come back into the brewery often for a pint – or two!”

Jon added “Streetcar is unique in that it is a 100% deaf owned and operated business from the top down and this sale both reinforces and emphasizes that commitment to the Deaf community. This commitment has been important to the company from day one and S82 will continue it well into the future. I will definitely continue my support of Streetcar although in a different way than I’m used to.”  


When asked for the reason for the sale, both Jon and Mark responded, “It was the right time and the right circumstances for this to happen. It’s just one of the several evolutions that the brewery has faced in the time it has been open. It has really been a great experience working together and opening this brewery. We’re both very excited about this change and the new opportunities ahead of our respective paths.”  

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Brandy Nicole Holder and Jacob Berg also contributed to this piece.