We asked the DC Beer team to tell us what they’re excited about at this year’s Snallygaster. Reminder: Tickets are still available and proceeds go to a good cause. Here goes.

Richard Fawal, Publisher:

For me it’s all about the chance to travel to some new places and places I love.

I’m definitely going to check out the Bearded Iris offerings. On my recent trip to Nashville I discovered their Homestyle IPA and was very impressed. I go to Nashville semi-regularly so I’m looking to see if they can be my Music City home brewery. Will also try to get to Southern Grist since I didn’t get to have any last time I was there.

Tilquin will be my go-to for Lambic, fruit beer, and Belgian representation, but Jester King, too, because I love them and Austin will always be where my heart is. And, of course, Schlenkerla, because Bamberg and Rauchbier. Amiright? I’ll also try to hit Human Robot just to compare their German and Italian Pilsners.


Greg Parnas, Staff writer, in no particular order:

Jacob Berg, Editor, offers up a top 15:

Sarah Jane Curran, Beer Me! Host, comes through with a top 27, because why not?

Stay tuned, because tomorrow we release the power rankings! Want more lists? We got you.