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Welcome once again to the Void. I am your host, Tony Budny, here to give you the best extremely online beer content for your enjoyment, or in some cases, for your derision.

Ha ha, just kidding, none of these things will cure the Void, there is no cure.

In local news….

It’s the first week of the month and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s draft pick time.


One of the must-attend events of the month is actually a series of events put on by a cidery. Wait, stay with me. It’s for a good cause. The cause of women, selling women-made, women-owned products. Maybe they do own the Void after all.

3 Stars announced a massive expansion as it attempts to take over the entire block like a blob of runaway yeast. Except in this case, it isn’t a horror movie, it’s just more beer in your face hole. “Prepare for pint after pint” sounds like a delicious threat.

Nick Anderson, who is not just any one person’s beermonger but all of ours, tells us a little about dry-hopping, which is still all the rage today just as it was years ago, its just now its used in a different way.

In other news…

You know how beer is often touted as a health drink, giving you various benefits when consuming them in moderation? This is not that.

We are somehow STILL TALKING about corn syrup in beer. How did we get here? Here’s Jeremy Danner:

With the power of SCIENCE, cannabinoids may be in beer through the use of brewer’s yeast soon. This is not a statement of excitement, endorsement, or disappointment, but if you’re into it, feel free to sound off.

Bryan Roth section? Bryan Roth section.

What’s going on with Gambrinus? Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good.

Friday the 1st was Beer Day in Iceland. Read all about this day and what its meant for the craft beer scene in Iceland.

Finally, here’s a pancake recipe:

This has been the Bryan Roth section.

Finally, your long read of the week is on the black bartenders that created the dive bar.

I hope you enjoyed the Void. Sorry to report it will be back soon, but we’ll all still be here until it does. It’s confusing yes, but at least there’s plenty of Arby’s and beer here.