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I am sorry to report the the Void is back. But you all know you were always here with me. There’s no escape after all. It’s like what my Croatian colleague at work said polar vortex was roughly (and poorly, he said) translated into in his native tongue for one media outlet: freezing black hole. *extremely Axl Rose voice* YOU’RE GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIIEEEE

The shutdown is over. I have received payment for services rendered. All is right in the world again… for three weeks. But, even though we’ve been paid, the repercussions will continue for a while, as everyone now has to catch up on a month of deadlines scheduled that whizzed by. This is just as true for breweries, which are, after all, businesses, and heavily regulated and taxed businesses at that. The lost revenue for breweries and businesses in the area can’t be made up, even as delays start to decrease.

DC Brau is expanding its release of Tuk-Tuk, a rice lager, just in time for the Chinese New Year.

Our own Mike Stein wrote for On Tap magazine about diversity in the DC Beer scene.


So I guess we have to have a full section on grift and scandal this week. Here goes…

This unbelievable story chronicles a brewer named Stephen Foster, who conned multiple breweries in multiple countries out of money and time, before popping up at another one in Kentucky.

OC Brewing Company has filed for bankruptcy, after their former owner was sentenced to five years in prison for a $2.5 million wire fraud scheme involving a separate string of companies in 2017.

David Geary, a popular figure in Maine’s craft beer scene, steps down as a beer columnist at The Bollard due to three instances of plagiarism.

Well, that was depressing. Watch Conan O’Brien visiting the Sam Adams brewery to make yourselves feel better.

For the first time in its history spanning over two centuries, Rodenbach will produce a beer in collaboration with another brewery. Who was smart and, frankly, handsome enough to entice Rodenbach to work in partnership?

That’s right.

We have not one, but two pieces from Phil Runco this week, because it’s his (subject’s) world(s) and we’re just living in it. The first is on on Port City’s new Colossal anniversary beer, a doppelbock, which frankly sounds amazing right now on a Friday afternoon as the snow falls. The second includes the release party for the beer but also has all the rest of the events in which your attendance is mandatory. OK, maybe only suggested. Sorry, I get excited sometimes.

Honestly, I have no idea what this is exactly [ed: good god, that’s, that’s amphora’s music!]. Is this the beer equivalent of the Terracotta Army? It’s from Allagash, so you know it’ll be good. It’ll definitely be better than… whatever this advice is.

*blows airhorn*

Time to check in on how the kids in breweries debate is going. Everyone is mad about everything. So, normal.

Finally, We also have a double dip from Bryan Roth this week, because the world is in fact big enough for the both of them. He sits down with the founders of Columbia, MD’s Sapwood Cellars to talk business and flagship beers, and whether they’re actually in decline or we’re just not paying attention to the right things.

Tonsmeire himself talked about the overall decline of homebrewing in the United States as a trend and what’s behind it.

Enjoy your Big Game parties or Puppy Bowl parties this weekend. Imbibe responsibly and end your Dry January with flourish. The Void will always be waiting.