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Welcome to the Void. Think I might do that myself this weekend. Got a good one planned, some kind of giant bowl thingy is happening Sunday. I hope it's fruit! Beer drinkers these days like fruit flavors, after all.

Fruit flavors are, among other things, what comes packed into the amazing triple IPA Ocelot brews for the Pint family of restaurants known as Talking Backwards. It’s back, though, not in pog form. Speaking of the Pints, There is a new one coming soon. Look out, Virginia.

While you’re at it, vote for the brewery with the best NEIPA. There are… a lot… of options.

Also, I can’t believe we’re saying this, but there are currently too many hops. How is this possible?


But the truth is, if Hill Farmstead makes a beer style, it's probably the best. They are, once again, the best brewery in the world as chosen by Rate Beer. On a related note, you can now find them semi-regularly at Chuchkey. Sometimes living in the DC area doesn’t suck.

Dog House biergarten is coming to Bethesda.

Melissa Cole is here to assess the wreckage from the recent inclusion controversy in craft beer. The post is entitled “From Dreamsicles to Shelf Turds,” which is RIPPED OFF from the title of my memoirs.

For more on this terrible label, let’s go to area person Doctor Big Beef.

Wow. Thank you, Dr. Beef. Where did you get your degree again?  I wonder if Dr. Beef knows about this list of 20 academic sources on sexism and beer branding?

Dogfish Head has created the beer version of the this is a knife scene in Crocodile Dundee, as for the Extreme Beer festival, they have created a weaponized beer, using the ingredient commonly found in pepper spray.

It’s Super Bowl weekend, which means beer ads will be out in full force. Since this is the Void, we will highlight the bad ones, starting with this one from Michelob Ultra. Something tells me I’ll have many more to add to this category next week.

This assessment, on classic Fuller's merchandise, is 100% correct. I have never seen something with better 80s branding.

Read about how Founders All-Day IPA became a hit. They sell a whole lot of it.

Pabst brewing has a rich history. Science has taken beer a long way, but some places had it first, even though they didn’t know it.

If you’re wondering why the alcohol industry has seemed hostile to marijuana legalization and industry growth efforts, here's your answer.

Finally, I will end on one of Twitter’s favorite animals, who is postumhously being honored with the re-brewing of a beer bearing her likeness. RIP, Bitches. You are gone, but still blocked by the President.