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I hope everyone is having a good dry January, or, if it may be, a wet one. I know you want a breakdown of all those best of 2017 breakdowns to really get meta on the beers that are the best, so here you go. In a shocking twist, just look at your shelf and find the ones hardest to find and those are probably the best, according to most people.

As always, we start with the local and the DC Beer Bloggity Blog Bloggers were busy. DC Beer interviewed the newest contestant in the DC beer show, Red Bear, which will open this fall. They are “literally willing to risk it all.”

The Bruery store in Union Market will open January 19. Don’t expect draft takeaway yet, the system is still a work in progress. But there are plenty of reasons to go contained within.

If you are a beer drinker, which if you’re reading this you (probably) are, you’ll want to read the beer drinker's guide to DC restaurant week.


Pizzeria Paradiso opened its basement gameroom in Georgetown. It’s pretty.

Finally, the DC Homebrewer’s club turned 10 years old.


Next, I have some bad news. We didn't solve sexism in beer yet. I know you’re all surprised. Be sure to read the article in the thread.

I told you there’s politics in your beer. Does climate change policy effect beer? How about labor policies? Taxation policies? You can’t escape it. More proof that the notion of “keeping politics out of beer” is a cop out. Businesses don’t live and die by what they serve alone. The Beer Borg hasn’t logged on, the Beer Borg has always been here.

On a related note, MillerCoors data suggests taproom sales are hurting bar sales. The market is getting crowded. Better find something unique like, for example, reaching out to a different clientele.


I have no context for this, so here's a thread about Pilsner Urquell. Also, here is a ranking of 62 barleywines. Local favorite The Veil ranks favorably.

Finally, YES THIS. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to cut the wax on the top of a bottle. Please stop.