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Welcome to this the corporate edition of the Void. Lots of beer business related content to come, but first, let’s stay local. If you missed it, two authors talk about a new atlas of beer published by Nat Geo. I’m sorry to inform you that the Atlas is already outdated because a new brewery just opened down the street. You know, the new one, with the imperial dortmunder as a year-round. But read the Atlas anyway if you want to know things.

Now to give you the business. Wait, wait, no, that isn’t right, keep reading, I promise (almost) no pain is to come. But, unfortunately, there won’t be a ton of levity either.

Pizzeria Paradiso has joined the chorus of beer sellers refusing to stock so-called corporate-owned beers, in this case using the Brewer’s Association's own definition, which can be read about here. Avery now joins the list of those who no longer meet the definition. With that, as more and more popular brands look for funding to grow and fail to meet the requirements, will the definition or the brands budge first?

If you’re still into Founders, though, and, full disclosure, your humble Void author is, they released their 2018 release calendar.


How do the beer prices in the US stack up around the world? Well, we're actually pretty expensive. Prague, I see you. I think you have a problem, too.

Let’s talk about some serious business. Black Star Line Brewing Company has dealt with a tremendous amount of adversity lately. The Hendersonville, North Carolina brewery has been the victim of hatred since it opened to become the first black-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned brewery in the area. Hatred of this kind cannot be tolerated, in beer like anywhere else. Fortunately, in this case, it appears the police are taking this seriously. If it is to be believed that craft beer really is a community, this is a case where the owners need help and so far, the community has been happy to offer.

I don’t know if you heard, but a tax bill passed the Senate, which will now head to the reconciliation step of its short march to passage. There were a lot of things in this bill and this blog gets political but, frankly, if you’re reading this you’ve probably read something about it, but if you’re still in the dark, go here. Anyway, I write about beer here and apparently, in addition to all the other things about the bill included that people should be far more concerned about, there is also a beer angle, if you’re interested in reading about that as well. I regret to inform you that it is much like the rest of the bill in its nature. Take from that what you will.

Read the post, the thread, and the remainder of the conversation around the never-ending fight to reduce and remove sexism in craft beer, which this blog makes a priority, but which people like Melissa Cole have done for longer and with far more to lose and more abuse to endure. Hats off to her.

Wait, we’re not with serious business yet. Hang on. There’s an image use at issue in Portland, Oregon. Also, AB-Inbev wants to build the world's second-largest brewery in Mexico.

OK, the super-serious section is over.

I mean, if this is what is asked for, today is giving Monday. Give yourselves a beer.

Read about an ancient beer war. Hmm, feel like there are some parallels here to the Serious Business referenced above, in some ways.

Cask ale, the purveyance, continued production, or lack thereof, has been and will continue to be a big issue in Britain. Read about the details here surrounding its decline.

Want to know what the best barrel-aged beers are to acquire for your collection to drink this year? Look no further. Also, read about some non-barrel aged beers worth stashing. But remember, your mileage and conditions for doing so may vary. Perhaps you could give some of these beers as a gift?

The glass isn’t half-empty anymore for Android users.

Georgia is about to get its first on-premise brewery.

Finally, the University of Pittsburgh is offering a class on engineering in craft beer.

You have read the Void for another week and that’s a win. Pat yourself on the back. Go grab your favorite beer, hell maybe one from your cellar, and just crack it. You earned it, champ.