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Welcome to this, a special turkey day edition of the Void for your reading pleasure. We all know you’ll need material to pull yourselves away from awkward conversations or when you just need some alone time, and this beer writer provides. Give thanks for independent beer media.

Loudoun County, VA has become a beer mecca for the state while its neighbor, Fairfax County, languished high and dry. But that is changing.

Craft beer is a business, but sometimes it can actually be a community, as illustrated in this thread, where a local craft brewer who opened up a new shop in Chincoteague, VA got barrels for free from Denizens, with another local brewer offering another barrel for free in the comments. Sometimes it's good to be reminded that there is some good in the world.

Maryland’s Evolution Brewing promotes from within for their open GM spot.


And indoor axe-throwing bar is coming to DC.  Booze and sharp objects flying through the air, a winning combination.

You like mead, don’t you? No? Well maybe you just haven't had what Charm City has to offer.

But, then there’s the business side creeping up again. In a story involving two well-known players in craft beer, Left Hand Brewing has sued White Labs, Inc. on the grounds their yeast was contaminated, causing Left Hand a massive headache last fall.

We all have had that moment where we’ve wanted to brew like a Norwegian farmer, right? Right? Just me? *tugs collar* If you’re interested, it's all in the yeast you use.

Who likes canned beer? Apparently everyone.

If these links aren’t enough for you, here's about a half dozen more while you take a break from the fam (or your work).

And if you need a moment of levity, just show this video to the people closest to you.

Garrett Oliver, he of Brooklyn Brewing fame, said the New England IPA joooooooooooooooooooooooce is based off instragram culture. This beer writer is too old and cranky to know what instagram culture is, so I’ll take his word for it. But it caused quite a stir, as many of the hottest-selling beers on the market fall into this category.

It’s still good, though.

Mind. Blown.

Non-alcoholic beer may have its moment soon. During trevails in Germany, I found most bigger beer halls offered NA beers to patrons. I don’t know if this is some sort of law or something they do to save face, but I found their NA offerings as a useful alternative for the reasons mentioned within. It would be good to see a market for this in the US.

The Brewer’s Association sees a benefit in the tax bill. Well, at least someone does.

You know those self-help articles that say “all these extremely intelligent people organized their day around this one weird trick” and the idea is that if you follow it, you’ll also be as smart and successful and get laid as much as they did or whatever? Well, only the smartest people drank cocaine-infused wine so I guess you better get on that. They sell that at your local package store these days by the case, right? Oh, you mean it isn’t 1831? I’m sorry. I’ve failed you.

Whole hops are such a 2015 thing. Hop extracts are where it's at now, bro.


Two well-known brands cut ties in Brussels after a breakdown in their relationship.

Finally, Good Beer Hunting says we have a pastry stout problem. If that’s a problem, then you can just call me the solution. Try some stouts on this list, which are a little less pastry.

I hope you all have as relaxing a time as you can this Thanksgiving, and even if you don’t have any family time planned, set aside some time for yourself and maybe have a homebrew.