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Greetings from the Void. This was supposed to be an extremely spoopy edition but it was held up by various things, not the least of which was a certain quais-perp walk dominating the news cycle along with some content on what distributors actually do for this, the most DC of DC Beer related websites that exist in DC. But enough about that, let’s talk about beer and beer chatter, now with 99.9% less Halloween puns and 50% more links. Welcome to Content Friday™ on the Void.

Google may dominate the web and want to create a more robust artificial intelligence, but their awareness needs a little work.

Guinness brewing opened their barrel house in Baltimore and hired a local twitter favorite as its marketing manager. Congrats to Oliver on the momentous opportunity.

The dogs are back on the patios.


Read a recap of the NOVA Brewfest, an event that’s fun every year, especially when the weather cooperates.

Fair Winds has began its annual month-long buy a vet a beer campaign.

Hardywood has built a solid brewery with many highly sought after offerings, but none more so than gingerbread stout. Here is its story, as you, fair beer reader, await the most bone-chilling experience to get it: waiting in line for beer.

Gingerbread stout is far from the only beer potentially worth waiting in line for. Founders confirmed another is returning. Guys Drinking Beer rank this year's BCBS variants.

Your long read of the week comes in the local section as Phil Runco talks to the founders of Hysteria Brewing in Maryland and their ride from purveyors of vape juice to purveyors of joooce.

Let’s talk about the Reformation.

*sound of thousands of mouse clicks away from the page*

No, wait, come back. I promise it’s all going to be beer related.

Jeff Alworth riffs on Luther with his own beer theses. Don’t worry, there are only 9.5 of them.

The Reformation is widely known to have changed how people eat, but it also changed the beer you drink from your glass.

San Francisco could be too expensive for beer. Or… is it? Anyway, this development is unwelcome because San Francisco was so important to the movement toward craft beer as a business in the U.S.

Speaking of expensive, on the heels of last week’s chronicle of Other Half becoming the official beer of finance bros everywhere, a beer reserve room opened in Manhattan, catering to the sort of clientele you find at the most expensive bars in the city. Sustainable? I suppose having a space dedicated to bottle shares is fine and all but COME ON BEER BUBBLE, BURST ALREADY all right that’s unfair.

Speaking of whalez, Tired Hands makes a killer schwarzbier. And, good news, the finance bros can’t pronounce it so they won’t buy it. Go get some.

Should you be mixing beers? Perish the thought.


I felt the Harpoon acquisition of Clown Shoes went unnoticed, considering the reaction that mergers have had recently.

Are beer sales slowing down? In a continued trend, growth of beer is local and small while the behemoths are being left out.

Boston Beer is leaning on their non-beer beverages more and more to make money. But don’t worry, they're still paying attention to trends.

In this blog’s continuing trend of raising the dialogue surrounding women in beer and the way women are treated in beer, here is a list of women who like beer and who also have very good instagram accounts that was brought up recently by women who write passionately about beer upset about beer rankings in men’s magazines. You can imagine what those lists focus on. I’m not even bothering to link the ones in question.

Stone Brewing continues its executive shakeups over the past year. Hopefully this does not mean another round of layoffs.

Malt science has come a long way. It also has a long way to go. Apparently hop science does as well, and the BA is here to help.

International Stout Day came and went, sorry you missed it. Don’t worry, there will be another day to celebrate shortly. All About Beer asks what's the difference between a stout and a porter? Truth is, these days, there isn’t much, but the story about how the two styles became distinct is a good one, steeped in beer history.

Finally, even if you're locked in a beer fridge, you can't drink all of it and expect it to be free.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and will have a good weekend and remember, Halloween only lasts 24 hours but the Void lasts forever.