For over a year, breweries in Washington, DC have been making beer, but with the opening of Union Market just northeast of the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro station, we have a new first. TheRappahannock River Oyster Company is not new to local beer, having previously worked withFlying Dog on an oyster stout, but they have taken it to another level at their restaurant in Union Market. Have a gander.

RRO Tower

Gaze upon that tap tower. From left to right, that's Chocolate City's Copper Ale, DC Brau's The Citizen Belgian-style pale ale, and 3 Stars' Southern Belle imperial brown and Urban Farmhouse saison. The only bottled beer? The aforementioned Flying Dog oyster stout. That's five beers sold at this restaurant, the only five, four of which are made in the District of Columbia while the fifth is made less than fifty miles away. Be proud. Like Virginia Slims, we've come a long way, baby!

Beyond pride, vote with your pocketbooks and wallets. Reward Rappahannock Oyster Bar for their good taste. It's the only way to let retailers know that we want good, local beer, and we want it now.

Union Market is located in Ward 5, one of the more underserved areas in the city, despite being something like the nexus of local beer. It joins Boundary Stone, Rustik, Big Bear Cafe, and Menomaleas Ward 5 bars and restaurants that serve good beer (you have another five days to visit Col. Brooks' Tavern before it closes). Next up for the market, Righteous Cheese, which will begin offering beer and cheese pairings within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

* Photo of the outside of Union Market via Tom