Alright, so this isn’t exactly BREAKING NEWS!, but it’s still an important story for those of you who are growler enthusiasts.

A couple of weeks ago, this petition, titled, “DC City Council: Strike Down the Monopoly on Growler Beer Sales” appeared on

Here’s the text of the petition:

Beer lovers unite!

Last year, DC’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) allowed Class “B” Manufacturer to sell 64oz growlers of fresh beer for the first time.

Council-member Jim Graham has introduced legislation to expand growler sales, but instead of opening sales up to all beer retailers, his proposed law would limit growler sales to large “Class B” supermarkets such as Whole Foods–leaving the small neighborhood businesses you and I normally buy from out in the cold.

If you support local business and great beer, please sign this petition today and tell Council-member Graham to amend his Omnibus Alcohol Legislation to include ALL “Class B”‘s and “A”s retailers.

The legislation is moving fast–if you want to make sure your favorite retailer can sell you fresh beer in a growler, it is urgent that you sign right away.

The petition is almost up to 600 signatures now, but seems to have stalled. If you’re just reading this for the first time and would like a wider variety of venues in DC beyond just supermarkets to be able to sell growlers, go ahead and sign this. If you don’t like fresh, delicious beer to be sold on draft in 64 oz. resealable containers, well, that’s one prerogative…


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