Oskar Blues makes some of my favorite beers. They have for a long time now and will forever have a special place in my heart for having the gall to brew a year round pilsner. Hell, my wedding cake was an Oskar Blues can.  Since starting back in 2002, Oskar Blues has not deviated a whole lot from their award-winning line-up. Their flagship offerings are consistent and accessible here on the east coast. For me, those two outstanding qualities are often overlooked in favor of other over-hyped trendy themed beers. So when Oskar Blues announced the release of Deviant Dale’s, I was a bit excited.

Deviant Dale’s is a, yep you guessed it, deviation on their flagship pale, Dale’s Pale Ale named after founder Dale Katechis. Deviant Dale’s is bigger in every way than the flagship and comes in at 8% ABV. It’s a maltier and hoppier version of Dale’s that took home a silver medal last year at GABF in the highly competitive India Pale Ale category. This is code for “this beer is among the best IPAs out there.”

Deviant Dale’s will be served on draft at select venues and in 16-ounce tallboy cans in better retail stores across town.  Those deliveries are expected to hit accounts any day now so be sure to follow us on Twitter or check back here as readers start posting Deviant Dale’s sightings.