It has been a remarkable year for DCBEER.COM. We have brought in more writers, co-hosted our first event and broke many significant stories. Telling you about craft beer in DC has always been our aim and this year we managed to do it better than the last, thanks to you.

Our year-over-year growth is 123 %. 57 % of visits in 2010 were new visitors and 43 % returning.

Interesting domains with regular visits include many government agencies, Whole Foods, Rock Bottom Corporate, Flying Dog and Facebook Corporate.

Our single biggest day was August 23rd with 4,129 visits courtesy of Bill DeBaun’s DC Beer Week coverage. I’d wager $4,129 American dollars Bill doesn’t remember the majority of this week.

70 % of our visitors are Windows users while 22 % are Mac. These numbers are trending positively in favor of Mac users. I suppose more people are buying Apple products, but I’m not going to open that can of worms. Interestingly enough, the number of visitors from Android based phones is up 2,855 % and iPhone user traffic  isup 387 %. I wonder if this traffic correlates to any WMATA outages…


39 % of our traffic originates from DC, 26 % from Virginia, and 14 % from Maryland.

33 % of our new visits originated organically from Google search and 26 % from Twitter referrals. We also received some great traffic from Beer Advocate, BeerinBaltimore, DCist, Frozen Tropics, Yours for Good Fermentables and The City Paper. Thank you all.

Some of my personal favorite highlights from this past year include: our interview with Sam Calagione of DogFish Head, watching the metro area support local breweries, A Bitch and a Bastard , Savor Week, What we’re about, Stone’s Epic Churchkey Takeover,the launch of our neighborhood guides, the Bob Tupper interview and the countless beers shared amongst good friends.

To all of our readers — beer managers, industry professionals, pages, interns, friends, family and beer geeks — thank you all for the support. It has been a great year and next year will only get better as the craft beer scene continues its growth.

Don’t believe me? Check back with us on Monday, January 10th for a huge announcement. Trust me, set a reminder now, you don’t want to miss this.