I just got back from Cairo Wine Liquor carrying my very own six pack of Bell’s Hop Slam. For those of you who still don’t know why the beer enthusiast crowd has just gone nuts, Hop Slam is Bell’s Brewery’s Double IPA which comes out every year in January and promptly dissappears. It’s one of the best Double IPA’s aound and tastes even better because of its rarity. The brewery calls it a ‘biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale.” I agree, but it is also the hop nectar of the gods.

Sadly with rarity also comes ridiculous prices!

Fear not. Cairo Liquor told me that if I send you their way, they will give it to you for $18.99 a six-pack. Tell them DC BEER SENT YOU. (Hopefully they honor the deal!) They are supposed to be selling it for $19.99 which is still quite a deal around here.

Cairo is next to Safeway in Northwest DC, sorta near Dupont. Check it out at 1618 17th Street NW. Go there today before they forget they promised me deals!