Well as you may have heard The Black Rooster actually was saved by the Save the Black Rooster Campaign! We all thought the space was doomed to be auctioned off because the government had claimed the space for the Peace Corps, but after enough public outcry, they’ve agreed to let the owner of The Black Rooster Jody and his bar stay. I received an email from the Jody, which I believe is addressed to everyone reading this website and I’ve posted it below:

As the owner of the Black Rooster Pub, I would personally like to humbly thank all those from DCBeer, JT from Flying Dog, Otter Creek, Magic Hat and especially all my patrons and friends for their support.

Because of all this support and the increased media coverage, calmer minds have prevailed. The Black Rooster will crow again. We will be reopening for business November 16 with a “Grand reopening party” the evening of November 20.

Impossible to put my gratitude into words.
Jody Taylor

So November 20th, they will be hosting a Grand Reopening and you all are invited. I am sure that we will see some interesting Flying Dog, Otter Creek and Magic Hat beers on draft that night. I’ve also asked Jody if he plans to expand his craft beer list and he said there should be some new ones in the future and that he will keep us posted. Until then, go check out this historic bar, play some darts and drink some good beer so he knows we are serious!