Wednesday night DCBeer and The Black Squirrel hosted our second beer tasting. The event took place in the just opened upstairs addittion to the Black Squirrel. That’s right, they’ve now got an upstairs lounge with (I believe) 6 taps focusing on Belgian style beers. Of course the night of our event was a little different–it was all about the Pumpkin beers! We offered up six delicious pumpkin beers that ranged from the standard spiced ales to a dark pumpkin stout and finished the night with a big Imperial pumpkin beer. Smuttynose, Brooklyn, Dogfish Head, Wolaver’s, Cape Anne and Weyerbacher beers were all on the list. Wolaver’s Will Steven’s Pumpkin Ale–made with organic pumpkins grown by the guy mentioned in the name of the beer, Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout by Cape Anne Brewing and Weyerbacher’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale were my favorites of the night. We even had a Wolaver’s rep on hand to give us the full back story on the tasty brew.

Upstairs at the Black Squirrel

Gourmet chef, Gene Sohn was at it again going beyond the normal burgers and fries to bring us foods I couldn’t even pronounce. We has Butternut Squash Soup served in carved out mini-pumpkins!  Mini Giant Berkshire Pork Belly Kebabs where you really needed a fork to eat them-seems like Gene wanted to make sure people got a meal out of that one! We had Venison Pigs-In-A-Blanket which I thought really highlighted one of Gene’s strong points as he makes some amazing homemade sausage–try his brats! Finally we topped it off Mushroom & Pumpkin Stuffed Chicken Roulade and Corn & Pumpkin Cupcakes that were topped with a pumpkin creme brulee toasted just like you’d expect!


Beer tasters sat at the new upstairs bar

Everyone seemed to be pretty pleased with the night, and we hope they all come back to hang out with us at The Black Squirrel or one of our future events. Our November beer tasting is in the planning process and details will be coming soon! If you have any suggestions for events or know of any other places that might want to host them too let me know! The more events we have and the more you all come out to enjoy them, the better beer scene we will have!

Sorry my pictures were a bit dark and blurry! Here is the rest of them from the night. A few just would not focus so a lot of the food ones did not turn out. If anyone has any good pics from the night please send them to mike at dc beer dot com! Thanks!!