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555 Beers coming soon to 14th Street – Birch and Barley + Church Key websites go live

If the DC Beer scene was an arms race, the 50 taps that are about to go live at Church Key in October should be enough to impress just about any would be beer drinker. They are planning to have a list of 555 beers to choose from. 500 in bottles–some vintages cellared from years passed– as well as 50 taps and 5 casks. Every beer will be served in its proper glassware and with 3 different temperature storage areas hopefully the proper coolness so that you can get the full experience that the brewer had intended when they were brewing the beer.

Today stirrings of life came from the Birch and Barley / Church Key crew as they launched thier websites (including a mailing list) and Greg Engert posted a lengthy blog on the various features and philosophy of the new venues.

Some key gleenings I saw were:

  • The appearance of traditional cider on the menu–apparently the largest selection in the area will be available.
  • The Cellar Stash list will provide rare, vintage and obscure beers for the real discerning beer hunter.
  • They are really amped about getting you the beer at the right temperature. (Which is nice as its the worst when you get a Russian Imperial Stout in a frosty mug with ice on the sides. – true story.)

Although these webpages and the info they offer are still just a tease until its all open, we thought it’d be cool to check them out. In the meantime we are working on getting you lots of coverage of this long awaited beer establishment including an interview with Greg Engert and coverage of some of the opening events coming soon!  Meanwhile nose around some of these pages:

Check out Greg’s blog here: http://churchkeydc.blogspot.com
Check out Church Key’s website here: http://www.churchkeydc.com/
Check our Birch and Barley’s website here: http://www.birchandbarley.com/

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