Quite a few of this week’s new releases are going to be with us for a while, so even though Flagship February is over, let’s go ahead and call today Flagship Friday.

New Releases: A Collab!

But first, a one-off, from 3 Stars and Solace. The former’s having a party at the brewery on Sunday. You like parties, don’t you?

Think of this as a reintroduction to Atlas‘ Ponzi. The brewing team made a few tweaks to the recipe (hello, Mandarina Bavaria!), and fresh cans and kegs are rolling out this Friday. The Atlas team will hit a few spots around town, so go say hi.


Atlas Beer new releases: a reinvented Ponzi.

Flagship the second: Denizen’s new year-round IPA, Animal!

But let’s break up the IPA-fest with Fair Winds‘ fifth anniversary, featuring…. barleywine!

Anniversaries often mean collaborations, so here’s one from Fairwinds and Solace.

Not a flagship, but you’ll be seeing this on a seasonal basis, mayhaps: Port City’s Star Sailor, which is not an homage to the short-lived Brit-rock group active at the turn of the century.

The first non-IPA flagship we’re featuring this week is Right Proper’s Li’l Wit. On tap at the Brookland production facility, with cans to follow. Party information here.

Silver Branch is turning one this week, and they’re celebrating with a hazy IPA and a new pilsner.

No pic, but just a few blocks away Astro Lab will be releasing an IPA on Friday, Who Run the Whirl. A buck from each pint sold goes to the DC-area chapter of Girls Pint Out.


Elsewhere in brewery-only releases, Streetcar 82 has added coffee to an amber ale. Read on: “The ale began with coffee beans imported by Maek Coffee owner Paul Guo that were then roasted and cold-brewed by Southeastern Roastery’s owner Candy Schibli. Streetcar 82’s Jon Cetrano and Mark Burke then brewed 15 gallons of cold brew into a delicious amber ale. The brew is light with a touch sweet and tastes like a lightly roasted cold brew coffee. It’s perfect for spring and the soon-to-come warmer weather.”

Let’s head up to Rockville and Saints Row next.

We’re going to end with cider, because why not? Can’t get to Anxo? Did you know they’ll mail you alcohol in exchange for money? It’s true!