Back to back weeks, because why not?

Two IPAs from Astro Lab to get us started.

How about another pair, this time from Bluejacket.


Tiny Corruption? Tiny Corruption.

How about two exurban breweries bringing you a metal af imperial stout?

Port City giving you that sweet, sweet lager this Friday at the brewery. Draft only, because they’re no fun.

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“For our second Lager Series release of 2020, we are bringing back our Golden Export Lager. Based on the blonde export lagers invented in late-19th century Germany, our Golden Export balances a subtly sweet, toasty malt character with spicy, floral hops.” So think Great Lakes Dortmunder, only local.

Here’s something we don’t see a lot of around here, a Dubbel. In cans, natch.

Vanish, in DC! Vasen’s got a pilsner available, too.

Hey, NoVA, Wheatland Spring cans!

Can drop this Saturday at The Bruery store, too. New Anthem is out of NC and will be at Churchkey as well.