You may have noticed that it’s cold outside, which means you can find 3 Stars Southern Belle, Atlas’ former flagship Rowdy, Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout, and Port City’s Tidings around. Happy winter beer season to you!

Bluejacket has a triple can release (and an anniversary party on Sunday with bottles of Double Mexican Radio). We’re most interested in that golden ale collaboration with Fyne Ales. 4.4%? Yes, please!

Cushwa has finally made it into DC in non-draft form. They’re good.


Also new, this Crooked Run IPA, and whatever a “dessert Berliner Weiss” is. Is it like “pastry stouts, but for sours?”

The big DC Brau news is their hard seltzer, but since this isn’t, we’re more interested in a coffee version of their porter, with Tuk Tuk, a rice lager, not far behind.

With Gingerbread Stout available pretty much everywhere, the barrel-aged versions are starting to trickle in.

Hellbender’s anniversary party is on Saturday, and they have some new beers to celebrate.

Port City is releasing another lager today. It might even be better than ours.

And just for our editor emeritus, a quad! In a can! What a world.