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Port City Brewing Company’s Optimal Wit

Port City Brewing Company's classic Optimal Wit
Port City Brewing Company’s classic Optimal Wit

First is best and the first beer distributed by Port City in 2011 was—you guessed it—Optimal Wit. This beer just keeps improving year after year and, while it’s monotonous for production brewers to keep cranking out tuns of it, I never get tired of quaffing it! How do you build a classic, timeless, beer? Brew it 5,000 times. Then brew it 5,000 more. By the 5 millionth batch, it will be a classic.

A refreshing change to the one-and-done trend of new beers weekly, Optimal Wit showcases what brewers have known for centuries: no farms no beer. Virginia-grown wheat compliment what is arguably the best beer with local ingredients in the DC metro region. A clean but characterful Belgian yeast profile makes this beer small enough to be consumed in high quantities and as enjoyable at sip one as at sip 1,000.

Just a shade under 5 at 4.9% abv this beer is designed for maximum enjoyment. Delivering bright citrus notes the flowery perfume of peppery yeast and snappy herbal flavors delight the senses without taxing the tongue.

A glass will run you $6 in the tasting room and a sixer will set you back $11.75. Most certainly worth every penny.

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