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Gordon Biersch Navy Yard’s Golden Export

From time to time, Gordon Biersch Navy Yard will have Golden Export draught as the smallest beer on their menu. It’s a beer with a tremendous name and a tremendous tie to history, while not actually being a historical beer. In the past, export beer just meant a beer that left the town, city, state, or country it was brewed in. They can be traced all the way back to trade routes of the Hanseatic league.

Golden export from Gordon Biersch

But something happens to beer when it travels: it suffers. Time and motion degrade the flavors and aromas. Enter Gordon Biersch Golden Export. It’s a super fresh draught option that’s brewed frequently and never leaves the pub (except in your belly or your growler).

At 5% alcohol by volume, it’s strong enough that it’s not thin, but not so full-bodied that you couldn’t enjoy a few pints in a session. With a simple recipe of German hops and German malt, it’s the quintessential single malt, single hop (SMaSH) beer, a sum greater than its parts. Golden colored and goldilocks-like, not too strong, not too weak, not too bitter, not too sweet, Golden Export is just right for sitting with your favorite coworkers, friends, grandparents, or aunties.

A pint of Golden Export will run you $5.49 and a you can take home a 64 oz. for $13 if you bring your own growler.

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