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On June 30, is teaming up with Helping Oppressed Peoples Survive (HOPS) to organize the local beer community with “1 Dollar, 1 Call, 1 Purpose” in support of #FamiliesBelongTogether. Participating breweries, bars, and restaurants across the District and surrounding metro area are joining up to support the national day of action by donating proceeds to organizations working on behalf of immigrants and encouraging patrons to make their voices heard.

“1 Dollar, 1 Call, 1 Purpose” encourages the D.C. beer community to come together to raise funds for local and national organizations working to reunite families along the U.S. border and providing support to immigrant communities. Patrons can also take action in support of #FamiliesBelongTogether by contacting their elected officials. Share how you’re participating with #DCBrewsFightsBack. Breweries, bars, and restaurants that want to join the continually expanding list of participating venues should reach out to Bill DeBaun at

The need to help the children at the border who have been separated from their families is urgent and calls on us to act. The D.C. beer community can be a powerful force for good, and every bit of funding and political action helps to provide the legal and humanitarian aid that these families need. Together, bars, restaurants, breweries, and fans of good beer and cider will come together this weekend to show their commitment to the idea that families belong together.

The ask is simple:


If you’re a bar, restaurant, or brewery:

If you’re a beer fan:

Thursday, June 28


Monday, July 2

Now is the time to act quickly, given that June 30 is this weekend! We look forward to seeing how we can support the #FamiliesBelongTogether movement.

Editor’s note: I realize this effort is more political than this site has been in the past and that it will turn some readers off. If your disagreement/distaste stems from a belief that our beer and our politics shouldn’t mix, I disagree. So much is on the line for these families and these children awaiting reunification and in desperate need of aid and legal representation. The beer community has the power to make an impact here, and we hope we can amplify the word getting out there about how we can all help. Thanks for reading and cheers! -BD