Bluejacket is getting in on the weekly release canning game and will kick things off tomorrow with their all-Citra IPA, Lost Weekend. Every Friday, the Navy Yard-based brewery will release 100 cases of a new canned beer starting at 12pm in their bottle shop. 

A press release notes that, "Fans of the Navy Yard brewery can expect plenty of hop-forward beers (pale ales, IPAs, double IPAs, etc.) along with a host of crisp, refreshing, low ABV selections, such as classic pilsners and lagers, rounded out by a selection of fruited sours, porters and stouts."

Lost Weekend, your intrepid writer's personal favorite, will be sold in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans priced at $15. Future releases will range from $12 to $18.

Greg Engert, Beer Director and Partner of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and Bluejacket Director of Brewing Operations Ro Guenzel have reportedly "been fine tuning the canning production for the past six months" and are "thrilled" to begin releasing canned beers.

“Everything we do at Bluejacket is in service of the beer drinking experience. Our goal is fresh, vibrant and focused flavor via whatever vessel you’re drinking from, and that philosophy will absolutely extend to our can releases,” Engert noted via a press release. “We are constantly brewing and tasting to make sure each Friday’s can release will feature what we believe is drinking the best at that moment.”


Kris Mullins, NRG’s Creative Director developed original artwork for these releases. The labels aim to "showcase the style, story and personality of the beer itself, through imagery that veers from figurative to pop and abstract."

Weekly can releases will be announced via Bluejacket’s Twitter and Facebook accounts every Monday.