At some point this fall, two doors down from the excellent A. Litteri–please, let nothing happen to that place!–southern California's The Bruery, Bruery Terreaux, and now Offshoot Beer Co. are opening a store. Yes, not a brewery, but a store. The east coast is no stranger to west coast breweries setting up shop here, but this is a different animal. Per a press release, here's founder and CEO Patrick Rue, in his own words:

“The Bruery Store at Union Market District provides a central location for fans along the East Coast to get their hands on all three of our brands under one roof,” said founder and CEO, Patrick Rue. “We’re incredibly excited to put down roots for our first retail store outside of California in the nation’s capital. Such an expansion wouldn’t be possible without the support from our fans across the country.”

“Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area boasts a vibrant culture and appetite for specialty beer,” said Rue. “We’re looking forward to joining the independent craft beer community in Washington, D.C., connecting fans with our beer and being even closer to them with our physical presence on the East Coast.”

Side note, the company would have you refer to this neighborhood as the "Union Market District." Please do not call it "UnMaDi." 

Again, per the press release, here's what's going to happen at 513 Morse St. NE:


That's a 5,000 square foot space, so the mystery retail partner should be a development worth watching as well. Food? Clothing? Think of the productive synergies! Familie Rue will have more information on the store via social media, @TheBrueryDC, and blogged about this venture. The company offers three "Society" membership levels–Hoarders Society, Reserve Society and Preservation Society–that may have had east coast fans balking at a southern California pick up location, so perhaps this is of interest to you.

Can you drink on premise? Are these sales only to go? Stay tuned.