When we spoke with DC Brau's founders last year, they said that despite getting a new brewhouse that would greatly allow them to expand their capacity, they'd be keeping the old brewhouse to create smaller-batch, specialty offerings. That day of reckoning has come.

The "Deep Cuts Series" will be a series of brewery-exclusive offerings coming from the smaller, 15-BBL system. The first was released last Friday, April 28 (sorry for the tardy news)  and started with a Hoppy Saison that will be available at the brewery until it runs out.

“Deep Cuts will provide an outlet for us to keep the creative juices flowing,” says Hancock via a press release. “Our goal is to present unique offerings that are unfiltered and traditionally cellared in an effort to present beer in its purest, most natural form possible. The way beer was consumed before all the technological advances of the modern age were added.” 

“We’ve always loved doing one-off brews, seasonals, and collaborations, but the deciding factor has always been whether the beer is market viable,” says CEO & co-founder Brandon Skall, also via press release. “The Deep Cuts Series will allow our brewing staff to play with recipes and experiment with new styles and ingredients that they’ve been dying to try, but just might not be ready for canning and market distribution.”

Each new Deep Cut brew will be offered exclusively on tap in the tasting room at DC Brau. The first installment is a Hoppy Saison, ringing in at approximately 6.5% ABV. “We utilized a cooler fermentation temperature to pull out the earthy and spicy esters of the yeast,” explains Hancock. “This farmhouse-style yeast also expresses peppery notes backed by flavors of prominent citrus and grapefruit. Those attributes, coupled with the fragrant aromas of mango, papaya, pineapple and stone fruit which we pulled in from the exclusive use of Azacca hops, make this a unique riff off of one of Belgium's most well-known and popular beer styles."