Alright, three breweries you might be interested are headed this way. Let's break it down.

D9: Cornelius, NC

Why you should care: D9's first Systema Naturae sour made our top beers of SAVOR 2016 list and the series uses not only wild bacteria and yeasts, but also ingredients like scuppernong and devilwood. They also make a sour Scottish-style Ale, Viking, which is as far as I know the only Scottish-style sour out there. Oh, and that scuppernong beer took home a gold medal at last year's Great American Beer Festival. I haven't had the "normal" beer they make, but IPAs and brown ales and such will be available, too. 

Upland: Bloomington, IN

Why you should care: Like D9, Upland's got a sour program, and either the first or second week of May those sours will hit the DC market. They're very good. But don't sleep on Champagne Velvet, a pre-prohibition lager that they reworked from the original recipe, found on an apocryphal scrap of paper. It's 5.5% ABV, uses Cluster and German Tettnang hops, pilsner malt and corn, and comes in tallboys. Crush it this summer. 

Westbrook: Mt. Pleasant, SC

Why you should care: You might know Westbrook's excellent gose and "Mexican Cake" imperial stouts, both of which popped up during the Craft Brewers Conference at Brookland Pint. You should check out their rye pale ale, One Claw, with a nice balance of rye spice and orange juice hops.