3 Stars Brewing Company's Illuminati Reserve Society will return for the fourth straight year, but this year, there's a twist. The membership offers beer fans the chance to buy exclusive, limited-production offerings. Unlike in previous years, where Illuminati members received both sour and barrel-aged beers over the course of the year, Illuminati beers for 2017 will all be traditional, non-sour, barrel-aged beers. Fans of the more mouth-puckering offerings can buy into the Funkerdome Society, which is brand new in 2017. Memberships in both are $115, and they are on sale now.

An email from 3 Stars noted, "…With the Illuminati Society in 2017, we look to further experiment with high gravity beers and new techniques for conditioning and aging. We have a great lineup of beers for this year with new styles and new approaches to the releases with the expansion of our brew team…With the Funkerdome Society we will continue to explore the art and techniques of souring and blending beers while working with different bacteria and yeast strains. We will be experimenting with fruited sours as well as some more traditional sour styles along the way and are very excited about the continued expansion of this category."

Both memberships include:

Membership begins on January 1st, 2017 and ends December 31st, 2017.