Exciting announcement for those readers who are also Washington Nationals fans, the Nats reached out to us and offered a DCBEER discount ticket code for our readers. We figured every little bit helps when you're buying baseball tickets, and the money you save could go toward buying more local beers at the various District Drafts carts scattered around Nationals Park.

Here's the info you need, it’s a simple process:

  1. Head to www.Nationals.com/VIP (critcal note: this is not the same page as regular single game sales, so use www.nationals.com/VIP)
  2. Select the game you want to attend (as opposed to the games you don't want to attend)
  3. Enter the code DCBEER and get access to discounted ticket options.

The amount of savings varies by the type of game (is it a marquee matchup or are we playing bottom-dwellers like [insert whatever team would make you go, "hell yeah! screw those guys!" here]) and by the section you'd like to sit in. The below is the average gate price and coupon code price you could expect to pay for regular, prime, and marquee games. (Where these games are categorized is available here.)

Seating Category

Regular – Gate Price (Coupon Code Price)

Prime – Gate Price (Coupon Code Price)

Marquee – Gate Price (Coupon Code Price)

Baseline Box

$67 ($60)

$70 ($65)

$80 ($65)

LF/RF Corner

$42 ($35)

$45 ($38)

$50 ($38)

Scoreboard Pavilion

$20 ($20)

$23 ($23)

$26 ($23)

Upper Gallery

$21 ($16)

$22 ($18)

$26 ($18)


Since there's inevitably going to be someone who asks, no we're not seeing any financial benefits from this discount code. We don't get a percentage of tickets sold with the code or anything like that. If you're headed to the game and want to save a little money, great. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Nats for reaching out about this. Remember to buy local craft beer while you're in the park.