Are these all of the new releases we know about this week? Yep. Are they all of the new market releases for this week? Probably not, sorry! Do you work for a brewery and want your new release to appear here? Email us! editor(at)dcbeer(dot)com. Cheers!

Let's kick it off with RAR Brewing's – Habanero Nectar: According to the brewery, "This brew is our 'Nanticoke Nectar' IPA brewed with freshly roasted Habanero Peppers. The cool thing about this beer is it drinks exactly like our IPA, and then the heat hits you on the backend, and gradually builds as you down the pint." Nanticoke Nectar has been building steam as a next-generation east coast IPA in the market, with even Dan Silverman, of Popville lore, weighing in to sing its praises. Looks like this will be a draft only release, but be sure to snap it up if you see it because "the demand has been insane [and there is] super limited availability on this one."

Can't get to the Habanero Nectar? Starr Hill has you covered with their Four Kings IPA Pack. This limited edition 12 beer sampler include three each of King of Hop and then grapefruit, habanero, and lemon-lime variants. These beers will hit the market on April 1 in both draft and packaged formats. "The hop build in King of Hop pairs extremely well with a range of flavors, so our brewing team had a lot of fun experimenting with test batches past year,” said Starr Hill Brewmaster, Robbie O’Cain. “With Citra providing a strong citrus characteristic to the base of this beer, the fruit and spice variants bring a new level of complexity for King of Hop.” Full disclosure, we've been enjoying the beers in the sample we were sent immensely.

Keeping with the flavored IPA theme, you can check out Evolution's new release, Pine'hop'le today at City Tap House. Evo, for our money, is one of the more underrated breweries in our market, particularly their Lot 6 DIPA, which doesn't seem to get the love it deserves. Pine'hop'le is "a tropical take on [Evo's] classic American IPA, the pineapple IPA packs a tropical fruit flavor with juicy hop character. Brewed with loads of pineapple juice and aggressively hopped to contribute big tropical and citrus notes." Check it out all day at City Tap House, while it lasts, or on taps across the city thereafter.

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