As of March 9th, there are a few new beer-friendly laws that come into effect in DC.

First, with proper permitting, breweries in the District are permitted to sell their beer at farmers markets.  As a drinker, you'll be able to get a free sample or taste and buy bottles or cans to go.  Keep in mind, we’re not talking about a situation like Whole Foods where you can get your beer and drink as you shop.  You'll have to consume elsewhere with your delicious sweet potatoes and fennel.

Next are changes to some kinds of events.  Before now, regulations prohibited manufacturers (IE, not brewpubs) from hosting events, but now that's changed.  Breweries are now permitted to host things like corporate events, weddings, etc.  You may want to re-think whether you’ll be on the office party planning committee come holiday season.  

Additionally, now a brewery can host a live band or DJ and charge a cover.  This comes along with another bonus: a brewery can extend its hours from 8 am to midnight every day.

Keep in mind that these changes are put in the hands of your favorite breweries.  Ultimately, it’s up to them whether to extend their hours or have beer at your local farmers market.  Nevertheless, these changes are great news for our beer scene and it’s great to see ABRA starting to modernize our regulatory structure.