World of Beer, a franchise that focuses on craft beer but does not serve said beers "endless appetizers" style for a flat fee, yet, is looking to hire some interns who love drinking craft beer and don't mind going to work occasionally hungover. During a month-long search at their various taverns across the country and on-line, they'll be seeking three "Drink It Interns" who will be "three high-energy candidates to cultivate WOB’s 'drink it in' culture through a summer of travel, festivals, exclusive brews and content creation," according to a press release.

This Wednesday, March 2, World of Beer Reston will host in-person interviews for this internship from 4:30p-7p. Candidates should be prepared to explain the difference between a gueuze and a gose and describe hops with adjectives other than "grapefruit" and "piney," because they'll be judged by Mike Snider of USA Today, WOB's tavern general manager Jeremy Sundheimer, and the inimitable Sam Calagione, CEO and Founder of Dogfish Head Brewery.

What is World of Beer actually looking for in a candiate? The full job listing is below, but in general, according to the press release, "candidates should be ready to show us their true personality, wow us with their social media and creative prowess, impress us with their passion for beer and food, and own the stage in front of our panelists. We’re looking for social media gurus, aspiring photographers, wanderlust souls, published writers, everyday beer enthusiasts or those who simply always have their phone ready to capture awesome moments."

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Sounds like a great opportunity, but bring your A game because there are seven more in-person interview days across the country, and competition will likely be fierce.


Here's the more complete, but still abridged, job listing:

Apply to be a World of Beer Drink it Intern!

It’s the beer opportunity of a lifetime…Want to spend your summer traveling the country, drinking beer, meeting brewers and diving into beer culture?

We’re recruiting three Drink it Interns to hit the road this summer and search out the best craft beer and food the world has to offer. We’ll send you down the street and around the world to capture the best beer stories and document them by blogging, capturing video, taking photos, Facebooking, Tweeting, sharing Vines, Periscoping, and anything else you think would be awesome to help tell the tale.

We’re looking for…

  • People who are all about exploring and sharing their experience with their friends
  • Social media nuts who are always snapping photos of beer and food to share on social media
  • People who are passionate about beer and always looking to learn more
  • Creative types like photographers, bloggers, videographers, or simply really awesome Tweeters
  • Friendly folk who love meeting new people, sharing stories with strangers, and catching up over a beer
  • Outgoing personalities who can talk to anyone and carry the conversation
  • Travelers who love to hit the road every chance they get

You must be willing to…

  • Learn all you can about beer!
  • Try new things
  • Write blog entries, take photos and video, Tweet, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, or all of the above
  • Travel to domestic and international locations to meet brewers and attend beer festivals
  • Be on camera and share your story with WOB fans across the country
  • Have an AWESOME time trying AMAZING BEER in ENVY WORTHY locations

You can impress us by…

  • Sharing your awesome beer pics
  • Telling us about your favorite brewery or beer festival visit
  • Demonstrating your passion for beer
  • Showing us your outgoing personality
  • Letting us see the real you!

How to apply

Option 1: Online

Fill out a quick application at and share a one-minute video that shows your passion and interest for the position. The videos should help us get to know you better. Your most epic beer memory, best trip you’ve ever been on, or an ode to your favorite beer are all fair game. Be creative and have fun! Be sure to include links to your social media pages so we can learn more about you!

Option 2: In-person

Interviewees can move their application to the “top of the pile” when they audition at one of WOB’s in-tavern interviews across the country. Candidates should be ready to show us their true personality, wow us with their social media and creative prowess, impress us with their passion for beer and food, and own the stage in front of our panelists.

Candidates must be 21 years or older to apply and will not be needed on a full-time basis. World of Beer is an equal opportunity employer.

To upload application video or get more information, visit