Next Monday, February 29, The Big Hunt is hosting a Strangeways showcase. Strangeways, for those unfamiliar, is an out-of-market brewery from Richmond known for making odd and creative offerings.

Beyond the bottles (more info on that below), we're taking this as an opportunity to host a #dcbrews Tweetup at the Hunt. Come on by to mix and mingle with other craft beer fans, newbies and experts alike.

DCBeer is also using this event as an open call for this interested in contributing to the site. Want to write a beer article but don't know where to start? Interested in covering events? Want to take pictures of beers? Skilled in audio or video editing? Just want to try your hand at blogging? Now's your shot to get involved with the DC area's outlet for craft beer news and events. Come on by and let's chat about whether you might be a good fit for the site! We'll be hanging out from 5pm to about 7:30.

Now, onto those Strangeways beers. Here's the bottle list:


Hope to see you there!