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Flying Dog Announces Slew of Spicy New Beers

Beer fans who like when their beverages make them sweat are about to have a pretty good Monday. Flying Dog has announced a number of beers that are intended to be consumed while hot feature chili peppers. It turns out brewmaster Matt Brophy is "a total hothead," according to a press release. Rather than take that out on townies in Frederick, he is instead creating the Heat Series, which will feature the wide variety of flavors in chili peppers.

The Heat Series will feature four beers in 2016, according to a press release:

  • Oaked Chipotle Ale (February 15): The smoky spice of whole chipotle peppers meets toasted oak with hints of chicory and roasted malt. 
  • Ancho Lime Paradise Lager (May 15): Mild earthy spice invigorates a crisp, clean lager that finishes with a refreshing splash of lime. 
  • Carolina Reaper Peach IPA (August 15): This recently-deemed “hottest pepper in the world” has a very slight sweetness that is met by fresh peach and bold juicy fruit hops. 
  • Jalapeño White Ale (November 15): The fresh heat of the Jalapeño enhances the traditional Belgian wit elements of orange and coriander. 

In addition to these four beers, Flying Dog also announced Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA, which will be a new year-round beer beginning March 1. Mango Habanero IPA was released as part of the Brewhouse Rarity series in February 2014. (I remember it fairly fondly, with a heat that wasn't readily apparent but that definitely built over the course of a pint.) Mango and habanero have been long-time favorites for brewers making specialty casks of Flying Dog's Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, and the ingredients will now get their own time to shine in bottles.

Beyond beers that will have some reaching for the milk, Flying Dog also has a few others of note. This month's Brewhouse Rarity is a Cold Press Coffee Porter weighing in at 6% and available in 12oz bottles and on draft. Unclear what next month's rarity is, but April's will be a Mint Julep Ale. Proposed by DC sales specialist Nate Eckert, the beer will be "brewed with mint leaves, honesuckle and 'Bourbon natural flavors.'" Reached for comment about those flavors, Flying Dog's Senior Director of Communications Erin Weston informed us, "…federal regulations prohibit us from adding actual spirits to the beer…So, one of our supplier partners came up with a proprietary blend of naturally-derived flavors (like sassafras, vanilla and oak) that gave us the flavor profile we were looking for." It'll be here in plenty of time for Derby season.

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