Big week for homebrewers! From a press release:

After a great showing at the 2015 Rowdy-ish home-brew competition, Atlas Brew Works is now inviting local home brewers to show off their skills with lagers. In the spirit of our flagship District Common, our 1500 South Cap Lager, and our seasonal IPL Homerule we are opening a best-in-show type  competition that stars the wonderful Saccharomyces pastorianus. California Common? Baltic Porter? Munich Dunkel? Anything is free-game as long as it uses a lager yeast. Don’t have lager yeast on hand? If you let us know when registering and bring us a vessel (mason jar, etc…) we’ll provide you a healthy 5-gallon pitch from one of our batches. We can’t tell you the strain, but can guarantee it’s a lager!

The competition will be held at Atlas Brew Works Ivy City location, 2052 West Virginia Ave NE, on Friday, April 15th. Judging will be conducted by a panel of industry professionals, chaired by Brewer Sam Puffenbarger, and the grand prize will include the opportunity to assist brewing a batch of District Common.

To register please email to confirm and receive the official rules.