Paul Josuns, Staff Writer

I finally visited Right Proper’s new production facility and taproom with some friends. If you’re a fan of the aesthetic of the brew pub in Shaw, you’ll like the taproom just as much.

Mandatory photo of dude chilling outside in a plaid shirt and sunglasses as the sun goes down smoking a cigarette.  

The aesthetic is similar to the shaw pub.  However, the “free beer” is not actually beer.  It’s water.  Sigh.  A nice addition nonetheless

We ran through all eight beers on draft – including the coffee Haxan. They had a terrific variety of beers on from the rich and chocolaty Haxan to the hoppy Raised by Wolves and the tart Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne.

Just one segment of the mural of violent escaping zoo animals.

The brewhouse is super new and very clean. This made me happy. They also have a lot of space in here – not only for more expansion and tanks, but room to move around.

I’ve never seen a foeder this up close and personal. It was great talking to our guide about the vessel as a whole and some of the challenges you face using something like this for brewing.

More beer is coming, folks. Lots more.

Oh, feel free to play the piano. Just be sure to wash your hands first.