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Scenes From the Scene: 3 Stars Brewing’s Urban Farmhouse

Friday evening we finally had a chance to get over to 3 Stars’ Urban Farmhouse (for more on the farmhouse, check out Fritz Han’s great piece here). The farmhouse sits to the inside left of the “brewery” door (as opposed to the door for the homebrew shop). Outside are a few picnic tables, but the main event is inside of these garage doors.


I’m a big fan of the pine shingles and sconces on the outside of the farmhouse. 3 Stars President Dave Coleman wasn’t kidding when he said “we’re going to build an actual farmhouse inside the brewery.”


The inside space is quite warm and has seating for about 50-60 with standing room for 100. This works much better than the open air picnic tables that were the previous seating option at the brewery, which was brutally hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. This feels much more like drinking in a bar…or someone’s…urban…farmhouse.


View of the inside of the roof through the garage door.


These chandeliers are custom-built and add to the rustic aesthetic.


My photo filtering abilities are hot garbage, as is the resolution on my iPhone, but there were nine beers on tap when I visited Friday evening. Four ounce pours are $1.50, full pours are $5, and a flight of four 6oz pours is $6.


From left to right, Peppercorn Saison, Citra-Lemon Saison, Raspberry Dissonance (Berliner Rye with Raspberry), and Ghost White IPA. The Dissonance was a standout with pure raspberry flavor on the back end paired with a tart, crisp finish. The other three beers, each in their own way, have their own memorable finish: peppery (shock!) spice in the first saison, the intense citrus of lemon pith in the second, and an IBU-laden end that smacks your tongue with the Ghost.


The right side of the brewery. Notice the pallets on pallets of tallboys waiting to be filled.

3 Stars growler hours are:
Thursday: 4pm-8pm
Friday: 4pm-9pm
Saturday: 1pm-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

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