Later this month, 3 Stars Brewing Company will debut its first two canned offerings in 16 ounce tallboy cans. Citra Lemon Saison and Ghost White IPA will enter their new format, four-packs of tallboys, on June 25.

The cans were packaged at the brewery by River City Mobile Canning, an operation based locally and used by 22 other breweries.

3 Stars, who describe themselves as "DC-grown and taste-driven" in a press release, selected these two beers for their seasonal appropriateness. The Citra Lemon Saison (5.2%abv) has "subtle citrus notes and a touch of tartness," while The Ghost White IPA (5.9%abv) has "a bright finish and lingering hop bitterness."

The 16-ounce tallboys feature the 3 Stars family shield and skull logos wrapping the cans. The green/yellow/orange Saison and silver/white/blue Ghost White IPA labels are both designed by Kendra Kuliga of Cielo Productions, whose work can be seen across 3 Stars materials, website, and on-site at the brewery.

UPDATE: We had the chance to speak briefly with Dave Coleman, president of 3 Stars, about the new canning and other topics, via email.


3 Stars has carved out a niche as the local brewery that caters to those with a taste for big flavors. Cans, for their part are, historically, viewed as a bit more egalitarian. Do you think there's been a shift for craft breweries reclaiming what cans represent? Why go with cans and not bottles?
I think that modern day craft brewers have proven cans are exempt from prior preconceptions associated with the swill that used to fill them. Some of the tastiest and most popular beers available are sold in cans. It's also a great package that allows you to open many venues that don't have draft, and prefer not to have glass.
Cans are one way of expanding the 3 Stars portfolio, what other plans are in the works for your portfolio in the short- to mid-term?

We are also expanding our portfolio through our sour program that we just invested a significant amount of time and money into building the foundation for. The addition of a foeder from Tuscany and the construction of a separate sour room, The Funkerdome, will launch this aspect of our brewing into orbit.
Any other brands headed to the canning line in the future, do you think?
I think we may can Two to the Dome in the future, though those plans are basically in concept only at this point.