Heads up, #dcbrews, you’ll soon have another local brewery to drink dry.  Handsome Brewing Company plans to hit the streets this fall.  Co-founders Graham MacDonald and Matt Humbard have both been active in the DC beer scene for years, but MacDonald says it took a chance encounter for the seed of the company to be planted:


“When I was at Right Proper, before Matt and I even considered a brewery together, he randomly came by with a growler of homebrew.  We shared it at the bar and I was instantly struck.  It was something very special — very flavorful, but delicate at the same time, quenching, delicious.  In my mind at the time was "beautiful."  Later, I amended that to "beautiful in a manly way," or more briefly, "handsome."


Handsome will be contracting out all of its production, focusing its efforts on recipe development, distribution, and marketing.  They’ll be launching with three beers, although they’re keeping quiet about the specifics for now.  But suffice it to say that they’re not sticking to the typical “IPA, pale ale, stout” trifecta.  


We’ll keep you posted as details come in.  For now, welcome to DC, Handsome.


The full press release is below:


Washington, DC, May 19, 2015 – Handsome Beer Company announced today it will release its first beers this fall in Washington, DC, and Maryland, launching with three signature beers that provide thoughtful takes on traditional Belgian and American styles.


Handsome Beer Company is a new brewery in the DC region, brewing at local facilities with a focus on producing beers that are compelling, balanced, and highly drinkable.  Beers will be distributed in kegs to bars, restaurants, and growler shops in the region.


“After more than a year of fine-tuning our beers, we’re incredibly excited to finally be bringing them to DC and Maryland,” said Graham MacDonald, co-owner of Handsome Beer.  “The growth of the craft industry over the past several years, particularly in this region, has been absolutely amazing.  We feel deeply grateful to be able to share our beers with everyone and contribute to the developing culinary and cultural scene.”


Handsome Beer’s brewmaster and co-owner Matt Humbard first delved into the world of craft beer during his college years in Arizona. “I've been a fan of craft beer for almost as long as I've been a scientist,” he explained. “Ultimately, it was my curiosity and desire to understand the science behind brewing that led me to homebrewing.  Ten years ago I brewed my first batch, and I am applying my science background and that decade of brewing experience to create a unique series of production beers.”


The duo is currently finalizing contracts, purchasing ingredients, and scheduling brew days with their partner facilities.  They’re aiming to debut their beers in early fall.


About Handsome Beer Company


Handsome Beer Co. is a collaborative effort by Washington, DC locals Graham MacDonald and Matt Humbard.  MacDonald, who grew up in the area and has worked for the past ten years as a manager and beer director at local restaurants, leads the business and marketing end of Handsome Beer. Humbard serves as Handsome Beer’s brewmaster and has a PhD. in Microbiology, works in cancer research at National Institutes of Health, and has been an avid homebrewer for the past ten years.  To learn more visit www.handsomebeer.co