If you drink beer in DC, you're probably familiar, at least in passing, with such Neighborhood Restaurant Group mainstays like ChurchKey, Rustico, and GBD, among others. These are also the folks that bring you the Snallygaster festival each fall. Well, they decided they had too much free time on their hands, so now they're having something called the ABV Festival. It takes place Saturday, May 16 from 3-8pm at Canal Park (1100 New Jersey Avenue SE).

ABV has NRG's three drinkmeisters, Greg Engert (beer), Jeff Faile (spirits), and Brent Kroll (wine), and they've each got a curated list of beverages they'll be offering at this festival. With all due respect to Greg's colleagues, we don't deal with ghosts and the undead, and we certainly don't whine (us? never), but beer? Yeah we're into beer. We remember our first one, in fact.

The beer list though looks pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. 

Before we get to the main event, here's what you need to know. Tickets are on sale here. There are three advance ticket options:


Additional tickets are $1, and additional pours will be $5-10 on average.

Alright with all that out of the way, let's take a look at the beer list.

ABV Draft List (UPDATED 5/8): 

VIP Limited Drafts and Bottle Pours:

(If you are somehow a wine or spirits lover and somehow stumbled into our corner of the Internet, the lists of both of those products are also here.)

In conclusion, if you're going to ABV, have a really nice time. If you're not going to ABV, also have a really nice time.