How's that for a clickbait headline? Whoa! Welcome! It may surprise you (god, I hope it surprises you) to find out that 3 Stars Brewing Company will not actually be releasing a beer dry-hopped with humans this weekend when they host their first County Fair, this Sunday, April 26 from 1-6pm at 6400 Chillum Place NW.

There will be a pale ale dry-hopped with humans right before your very eyes, however. One of the features of this fair includes a dunk tank filled with 400 gallons of The Movement pale ale.

The County Fair won't be just a dunk tank however (though proceeds from the dunk tank go to benefit Brainfood). Fat Pete's will be roasting an entire pig. There will be a wide variety of 3 Stars beer on tap (and bottles of Pandemic, Above the Clouds, Desolation, Southern Belle, and Peppercorn Saison for sale). And there probably, probably won't be carnies there. 

"We figured since we had such a drawn out winter, we would brighten everybody's Spring with some down home fun….This is going to be an awesome, family friendly day at the brewery," 3 Stars' Dave Coleman said via e-mail.

He says that now. But he might be singing a different tune once he has taken a dip or six into all of that Movement. Remember, everyone: humans soak up beer during the dry-hopping process as surely as other hop varietals do.