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The DCBeer.com Podcast: Episode 3 – Is Austin, Texas Any Good or What

Podcasting is the wave of the future, and as you know, we here at DCBeer are always on the very cutting edge of all things societal and technological. So we've started (with the help of our good friend and host Aaron Morrissey) a new weekly podcast. Every week we'll talk whatever craft beer topics come to mind. If you would like to submit questions or comments for us to address on the podcast, please send those to editor@dcbeer.com. If you'd like the RSS feed, here you go!

Here's the description of this week's episode:

Ever wondered how different cities’ beer scenes compare to D.C.? So did we. In this episode, we’re introducing a new series in which we look at another city and see how Washington squares up. This week, Aaron, Bill, and John discuss Austin: how its scene compares to ours, our favorite drinks and bars in town, the availability of the vaunted Jester King, and the ways that the weirdness that Austin is well known for surfaces in its beer culture (like the amazing way Casino El Camino serves their High Life). Do any of us think drinking in Austin is better than D.C.? Tune in and find out.

We hope you enjoy!


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