Last week, Atlas Brew Works announced “Rowdy-ish”, a competition for amateur brewers to best mimic the flavor, aroma, and appearance of Atlas’ signature beer, Rowdy. The competition will be held at Atlas’ Ivy City facility on Friday, April 10, and is open to any amateur brewer who is of legal drinking age and can provide samples for judging on that date. Said Atlas CEO Justin Cox, “Rowdy-ish is a great way to engage the local community of beer enthusiasts and present Atlas as a supporter of that community.” Judging will be conducted by a panel of industry professionals, chaired by Head Brewer Will Durgin, and the grand prize will include the opportunity to assist brewing a batch of Rowdy.

Rowdy-ish was conceived when Atlas received a request for a scaled down version of the Rowdy recipe from a local homebrewer. “I am thrilled and flattered that people want to be able to make Rowdy at home,” said Durgin, “and I was happy to take the time to scale it down.” Amateur brewers should look for recipes for Atlas’ other offerings to be available in the future.

Entrants should contact Atlas by emailing for details and rules. The Rowdy recipe is available at the following url: