The holidays can be a difficult time, but tasty beer can help to ameliorate that situation. (It is critical to drink responsibly. Christmas trees do not make good armrests.) Options for taking local beer to your holiday gathering just expanded, thanks to Bluejacket. See press release below.

Christmas is coming early this year…Tomorrow, Friday, December 12th beginning at 12 noon, Bluejacket will release its very first series of barrel-aged bottled beers in a special limited edition Barrel-Aged Four-Pack. These brews will only be available for retail purchase (at either Bluejacket or the Navy Yard location of Buzz) and have each been aged in various oak barrels over the last year. Each Bluejacket Barrel-Aged Four Pack is priced at $75 and includes a 750 ML bottle of the following:
Maple Syrup-Soaked Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Figure 8
10%/ Malt-Fruit & Toffee
A strong ale brewed with figs & spices and aged 12 months in Catoctin Creek Rye Whiskey Oak Barrels that were previously used to Mature Langdon Wood Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel-Aged The Wake 
11.1%/ Roast-Dark & Dry
An Imperial Stout Aged 9 Months in Jim Beam Bourbon Oak Barrels
James E. Pepper 1776 Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged The Betty 
10.6% ABV / Fruit & Spice-Bright
A strong ale brewed with apples & spices and aged 12 Months in James E. Pepper 1776 rye whiskey oak barrels
James E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon Barrel-Aged High Society 
11.5% ABV/  Malt-Fruit & Toffee
A decadent barleywine aged 12 Months in James E. Pepper 1776 bourbon oak barrels
Additionally, Bluejacket will also have a Signature Six-Pack on offer for the first time ever. A collection of some of our most beloved brews of the last year, Bluejacket's Signature pack includes 6 x 750 ML bottles and a complimentary custom Bluejacket beer carrier for $50. The Bluejacket Signature Six-Pack includes:
Forbidden Planet
ABV 4.2%
Galaxy Dry-Hopped Kolsch
Lost Weekend
ABV 6%
Citra IPA 
Mexican Radio
ABV 7.5%
 Spiced Sweet Stout
ABV 7.5% 
Brett IPA
ABV 8.7%
Dry-Hopped Tripel
Full Bloom
ABV 5.2%
Brett Farmhouse Ale